• Webcasting Best Practices and Quick Solutions
    • If available, you may click the gear icon above the player controls to switch to another available streaming format.
    • Close all other browser windows and unnecessary programs before launching the webcast.
    • If a browser is having issue playing or loading the webcast, try another browser(if installed). Example: If Internet Explorer is having issues, try Chrome.
    • If you are having issues launching the event in Windows Media, try the Flash option(if available).
    • Try restarting your browser if you are having issues loading the webcast and other pages.
  • Advisories
    NOTE: When using Chrome and the player says “No available Media for your player”
    • Please click on the i in the circle(view site information button) next to the address bar(next to www.webcaster4.com). This should bring up a menu and find Flash. Select " Always Allow on this site"
    • This should prompt a refresh of the player window.

    NOTE: To view the synchronized slide presentations and polling using Microsoft's Windows Media, a setting must be confirmed within Microsoft's Windows Media Player. Please follow the steps below. Click here for an illustration.
    • Click Start >> Programs >> Windows Media Player or Click Start >> Run >> type in wmplayer, click OK
    • Click Tools >> Options, then select the Security Tab (If the Tools Menu is not visible, Press Ctrl + M)
    • Select “Run script commands when present” and “Run script commands and rich media streams when the Player is in a Web page.”
    • Click OK.
    • Close Windows Media Player
  • Minimum System Requirements
    Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (or)
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.9+

    Mobile Operating Systems/Devices
    *Wifi connection is recommended
    • Android OS 4.0+
    • iPad (1st generation) +
    • iPhone 3GS+

    Internet Browsers
    For Windows operating systems, you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 40+ or Chrome 30+. For the Mac operating systems, you must have Mozilla Firefox 40+ or Chrome 30+. You can download the latest version of each browser by clicking on the downloads section below.

    Browser Security Settings
    If the slides do not advance for Internet Explorer 10+ users, they may need to change a security setting in their Internet options. The “Navigate windows and frames across different domains” setting needs to be enabled. It is set to disable by default. Please follow the steps below to correct this issue. Click here for an illustration.
    • Click on Tools >> Internet Options >> Security Tab >> Click Custom Level button.
    • Scroll down to where it says “Navigate windows and frames across different domains” and Enable the setting.
    • Click OK.

    Streaming Media Ports
    You need to have ports 1935 TCP (RTMP, RTMPT and RTMPTE protocol), 443 or 80 open for flash streaming to work in your network. Port 1755 TCP/UDP (RTSP/MMS protocol) for Windows Media. If your media player and/or network is configured to use port 80 you still may receive streaming media. If you are unable to receive streaming media, please contact your network administrator.

    Media Players
    You must have one of the following streaming media players and versions installed on your computer:
    • Adobe Flash 10.1+
    • Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or later
    • HTML5 compliant browser

    Internet Connection
    A fast connection to the Internet -- such as T1, DSL, or cable modem -- will greatly enhance your experience in viewing our rich media content. If you are connected wirelessly or using a VPN connection, it can possibly cause playback issues. You may experience constant buffering or sporadic playback due to the bandwidth requirements of the streaming media technology.

    You need to have JavaScript enabled to use the advanced features of this website. Please consult your browser documentation on how to enable JavaScript or consult your network administrator.

    Popup Blockers
    This site makes use of popup windows for advanced features such as URL pushes and exit surveys. Please set your popup blocking software to accept popup windows from this website.

    You need to have cookies enabled to use the advanced features of this website. Please consult your browser documentation on how to enable cookies or consult your network administrator.

    Firewalls and Proxy Servers
    If you are attending an event from an office network there is a possibility of a firewall, proxy server or other security system in place that blocks audio/video streams. Please contact your system administrator about possible blocks on streaming media. Click here for instructions on how to set your Windows media player to accept the stream over HTTP.

  • Test Your System
    Operating System
    Operating System Version
    Screen Resolution
  • Downloads
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             Microsoft Silverlight is already installed!

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